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S U P E R  C O L L E C T I V E

Tailor made visual design

Super Collective is an Amsterdam and Hamburg based incubator for creative solutions, specialized in developing brand identities, photography productions, meaningful visual communication & tailored design. Super Collective is formed by the siblings Nina-Oana & Niculai Constantinescu. Nina is responsible for visual design and creative direction and Niculai for photography productions and videography. For every project we compile a flexible unique team of creative experts specialized in specific disciplines. Therefore we make use of our international network pool of so called, fly-in creatives. These teams can consist of 1 – 10 people depending on the project request and the available budget.


N I N A – O A N A  C ON S T A N T I N E S C U

Creative Director | Visual Designer


– T H E  C R E A T I V E  H E A R T –


→ Nina-Oana Constantinescu is based in Amsterdam The Netherlands and forms the head of the design department of Super Collective. As a multidisciplinary creative she specializes in tailor made design and visual storytelling. She creates brand identities and web concepts, develops packaging designs or creates layouts for books, brochures, magazines and a broad range of printed matter. Nina has a great eye for detail, attention for functionality and is an emphatic designer. Her imaginative ideas and creations are based on strong conceptual foundations.

After her studies at the Cologne Academy of Media and the Academy of the arts ArtEZ Arnhem Nina worked a few years as an art director and concept developer in the advertising and innovation design industry. In 2011, she established Super Collective and specialized in the areas of brand identity, photography and creative productions. In addition, Nina works as a creative consultant as well as start-up and marketing coach for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She also works as lecturer of visual communication at the Fashion Masters at ArtEZ – Academy of the Arts in Arnhem.


N I C U L A I  C O N S T A N T I N E S C U

Photographer | Videographer


– T H E  A T T E N T I V E  E Y E –


→ Photographer Niculai Constantinescu is based in Hamburg, Germany and forms the head of the photography department of Super Collective. He is specialized in the elds of fashion, music, people and events photography and regularly works for journal- istic publications. Niculai is able to take care of the organisation of photo productions from A-Z. Art direction, production, crew de nition, videography, concept development, casting, set design, location scouting, post-production, all included. He works for well-known brands, in the fashion and lifestyle industry and takes over the creative consulting before and during the photo shoot, realizes image campaigns, look-books & catalogue-shoots.

Niculai has been working as photographer for almost 15 years. He started with taking portraits of musicians of all genres. His genuine unaffected portraits and expressivity distinguish his imagery.